Capernwray NZ


Internships are an option that are available to students after a semester of study at Capernwray New Zealand.

The Internship program offers students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and experience, and to give an opportunity to study selected areas that will enhance future ministry. It also assists Capernwray in the effectiveness of its ministry to the Bible School students and in its wider ministries.

The program is made up of the following components:

• Study - including study and research skills and more in-depth look at Biblical topics
• Leadership - development of leadership skills, and personal leadership philosophy and style
• Relational - serving students in their practical and pastoral needs of the community
• Practical skills - develop and assist students' skills and abilities in practical ministry

Each of these are monitored and supervised by a faculty member. Students may also be placed in local churches and Christian agencies for a period of further study and practical training.

Application for internships are made after arrival at school or on completion of course. Please register your interest when applying for school.