Capernwray NZ

Travel Team    

Adventure is one word that sums up Capernwray Bible School. 

‘Travel Team' is a team of students who have completed the Capernwray training course and have volunteered for the 'Travel Team' ministry experience! They are on the road for six to eight weeks and work with churches and other organisations in a variety of ways.

This leads to all sorts of adventure around New Zealand!

They are basically willing to do anything, but typical involvements are:

• helping run children and youth programmes
• school and community outreaches, Bible In School programmes, Kids Clubs
• community service and support through practical work projects

• Sunday church services, home group Bible studies etc. - whatever the needs are!

The team is trained and prepared to present dramas, testimonies, devotional talks etc. and can generally fit into any situation.

However, the focus is not so much on a ‘stage presentation’ as such but on personal contact with people and ministering relationally and sharing the life of Lord Jesus in everyday situations.

Application for Travel Team are made after arrival at school and near completion of the 20-week course.