Capernwray NZ

Bible School - Overview

The Bible School courses offered at Capernwray New Zealand have been designed to have a practical ministry content, an intentional discipleship aspect, as well as the foundational teaching common to all Capernwray (Torchbearers) Bible Schools.

The basic course summary is:

Theoretical / Theological

  • Bible Teaching and practical training component of approximately 15 class hours per week
  • Weekly ministry placement with a local church or ministry
  • Term Ministry experience (9 days/term) with a local church or ministry
  • Times of community prayer, worship, and devotions
  • Weekly assignments 
  • A weekly ‘work afternoon’ in & around the property
  • Daily duties and responsibilities

The program is designed to let students interact more closely with teachers and with fellow students in classes. Students are encouraged and challenged in these courses and will be given personal counsel in their studies for practical application. There are weekly and term ministry placements to put into practice skills and theory learnt.

MBS - Monavale Bible School: based at Monavale Homestead. The 20-week programme runs from early February to early July, and then again from late July until mid December.  The 30-week programme runs from October to early July. Students can also choose to combine the two 20-week semesters to make a 40-week programme.

As well as the familiar Bible School programme, we also offer two other course types at Capernwray New Zealand:

ABS - Adventure Bible School: A six week adventure based programme that combines Bible teaching and outdoor adventure. Click here for more details.

BML - Business Ministry Leadership: A ten week programme combining Bible based business training and ministry professionalism. Click here for more details.

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