Capernwray NZ

Application Process

Please read all of the following information as it will assist you in completing your application successfully.

Before you start, you will need available:
  • A face photo of yourself (passport type picture or similar) in jpeg format
  • The names, and e-mail addresses of two people that you have asked to be your referees (your Minister, Pastor, Elder etc, and an adult other than a family member that knows you well)
  • Have credit card details ready for your registration fee - only Visa or Mastercard are accepted
  1. Complete and submit the online Application Form and make your Registration Fee Payment (currently $75 for all courses)
    If you commenced your application before August 29th 2019, click here to access the old registration system
  2. Please note that the approval time of your application will depend upon when we receive the Referee Form back from your referees for processing
  3. Letters of Acceptance will be sent to you confirming your application approval. Other relevant information for commencing school will also be included with the letters
  4. You will need to pay your deposit as soon as possible after your acceptance to confirm your place within the selected course (payment may be made online via a secure link). The deposit is NZ$1,000 for all courses.

  5. For courses longer than 12 weeks and if you are a non-NZ resident, you will need to complete additional requirements for obtaining a visa to enter and complete the course in New Zealand
  6. Your course fees are required to be paid in full 2 months prior to the start of the course

Visas and Immigration for Overseas Applicants

Students studying for less than 3 months (e.g. attending only the ABS course) may enter New Zealand on a 'Visitor Visa', but need to ensure that they have a return ticket before boarding their flight to New Zealand and hold a NZ Electronic Travel Authority.

If you are attending a course that exceeds 3 months (e.g. A full Bible School semester or combinations that include ABS and Monavale), you will need a 'Student and Trainee Work Visa'.

Failure to obtain the appropriate Visa prior to entry into New Zealand, may result in the Immigration Department refusing entry at the time of arrival. However late enrolling students may enter on a Visitor’s Visa and apply for the appropriate Work Visa once arrived in NZ.

When your application has been accepted, we will send to you an information pack with the necessary steps to apply for your 'Visitor' or 'Student and Trainee Work' Visa.

For more information concerning applying for a Student & Trainee Work Visa, click on this link:

Note that students residing in some African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries may find it extremely difficult or impossible to obtain a visa for our courses. Please contact for advice before you submit an application.