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MBS is held at the Monavale Campus near Cambridge. The ABS programme is based at the Adventure Lodge on the shores of Lake Karapiro.

ABS (Adventure Bible School) is a 6 week outdoor based Bible School Course. The course is run 3 times a year - in January, April and October.

You can also combine an ABS course with the regular Bible School course at Monavale Homestead.

The total course cost for each selection includes the registration fee (NZ$75) and deposit payment (NZ$1,000)

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Kiwiplus - a great deal....better!

Kiwiplus is a unique opportunity for New Zealanders to come to Capernwray Bible School for a discounted cost!

If you are between the ages of 17 and 23, a New Zealand citizen or resident, and you would really love to study the Bible for 5 months then we may have some good news for you!

Capernwray New Zealand are offering limited places on our residential Bible School courses for less than half of the usual rates for those who would not normally be able to afford the full cost!

The courses start in January and July.

For more information or to apply for Kiwiplus please call us on 07 823 1800 or email

Please note that there are limited Kiwiplus places available per course and conditions apply

School / Course Options

 Course Dates

Cost (NZ$) 

Monavale Bible School


 MBS - Jan 2019 (20 week course)
Term 1 - Jan 29th - Apr 4th
Term 2 - Apr 23rd - Jun 27th
Jan 29th - Jun 27th  11,480
 MBS - Jul 2019 (20 week course)
Term 1 - Jul 15th - Sep 19th 
Term 2 - Oct 7th - Dec 12th
Jul 15th - Dec 12th   10,350
 MBS Jan 2019 + MBS Jul 2019 (40 week course)  Jan 29th - Dec 12th  18,590 
MBS Jul 2019 + MBS Feb 2020 (40 week course)   Jul 15th '19 - Jun 26th '20 18,790 
 MBS Oct 2019 (30 week course) 
Term 1 - Oct 7th - Dec 12th 2019
Term 2 - Feb 3rd - Apr 9th 2020
Term 3 - Apr 28th - Jul 2nd 2020
Oct 7th 2019 -  Jul 2nd 2020   14,400

Adventure Bible School (ABS)


 ABS (Only) 6 weeks - 3 separate courses
 Jan 29th - Mar 8th
Apr 23rd - May 31st
Oct 7th - Nov 15th
 ABS February + (MBS) - 10 weeks
 Jan 29th - Apr 4th 8,210 
 ABS April + (MBS) - 10 weeks
 Apr 23rd - Jun 27th 8,210
  ABS October + (MBS) - 10 weeks
Oct 7th - Dec 12th  7,980
 ABS + (MBS) - 20 weeks
Jan 29th - Jun 27th  14,385
 ABS + (MBS) - 20 weeks
 Jul 15th - Dec 12th 13,255
 ABS + (MBS Jan + MBS Jul 2019) - 40 weeks
Jan 29th - Dec 12th  21,495
 ABS + (MBS Jul 2019 + MBS Feb 2020) - 40 weeks
Jul 15th '19 - Jul 2nd '20  21,695
 ABS + (MBS Oct 2019) - 30 weeks Oct 7th '19 - Jul 2nd '20 17,170 

Monavale Bible School


 MBS Feb 2020 (20 week course)
Term 1 - Feb 3rd - Apr 9th
Term 2 - Apr 28th - Jul 2nd
Feb 3rd - Jul 2nd  11,770
 MBS Jul 2020 (20 week course)
Term 1 - Jul 20th - Sep 24th 
Term 2 - Oct 12th - Dec 17th
Jul 20th - Dec 17th  10,590 
 MBS Feb 2020 + MBS Jul 2020 (40 week course) 
 Feb 3rd - Dec 17th 20,120
 MBS Jul 2020 + MBS Feb 2021 (40 week course) 
Jul 20th '20 - Jul 1st '21  20,390
  MBS Oct 2021 (30 week course) 
Term 1 - Oct 12th - Dec 17th 2020
Term 2 - Feb 2nd - Apr 8th 2021
Term 3 - Apr 27th - Jul 1st 2021
Oct 12th '20 - Jul 1st '21   15,620

Adventure Bible School (ABS)


 ABS (Only) 6 weeks - 3 separate courses
Feb 3rd - Mar 13th
Apr 28th - Jun 5th
Oct 12th - Nov 20th 
 ABS February + (MBS) - 10 weeks
Feb 3rd - Apr 9th  8,470
 ABS April + (MBS) - 10 weeks
 Apr 28th - Jul 2nd 8,470 
 ABS October + (MBS) - 10 weeks
Oct 12th - Dec 17th 8,240
 ABS + (MBS) - 20 weeks
Feb 3rd - Jul 2nd 14,830
 ABS + (MBS) - 20 weeks
Jul 20th - Dec 17th 13,650
 ABS + (MBS Feb + MBS Jul 2020) - 40 weeks
Feb 3rd - Dec 17th 23,180
 ABS + (MBS Jul 2020 + MBS Feb  2021) - 40 weeks
Jul 20th '20 - Jul 1st '21 23,450
 ABS + (MBS Oct 2020) - 30 weeks Oct 12th ' 20 - Jul 1st '21  18,390 
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Monavale Tuition Fees - What does this price include?

  • Room & Board 7 days a week throughout the term
    - sheets, duvet and pillow provided
    - shared bunk rooms (same gender) with en-suite facilities
    - electricity and heating included
  • All meals during the term - including continental breakfast, morning tea (Mon-Fri), lunch and dinner
  • Bible School Classes - including tuition notes & handouts 
  • Off campus day-trips (orientation week)
  • Travel & resources for weekly ministry week and other designated outreaches
  • Student kitchen facilities (Monavale only)
  • Free access to all on-site recreational facilities
  • Free local telephone calls (and access to student phones) - national & international calls using pay services

ABS Tuition Fees - What does this price include?

  • Room & Board 7 days a week throughout the course
  • - sheets, duvet and pillow provided
  •         - shared bunk rooms with bathroom facilities
  • - electricity and heating included 
  • All meals during the course 
  • Adventure Bible School programme - including use of all associated equipment
  • Transportation and vehicle use

Equipment Fee (Monavale)

The equipment fee that used to be associated with the Monavale course is now included in the tuition fee, so no further costs are payable.

The equipment fee component covers the following:

  • Computer equipment and network usage
  • Student ID card
  • Capernwray t-shirt
  • Photocopying and printing of assignments
  • Use of Library
  • Course materials / Book Group books
  • End of semester student magazine

Student Fee Refund Policy (updated and applies from September 1st 2018)

Capernwray NZ will refund the fees paid within four weeks after the day the student withdraws from the course, less amounts according to the circumstances detailed below.  Capernwray NZ will issue a statement explaining how the refund is worked out in accordance with the Student Refund Policy. Note: "Course" refers to the full programme of study enrolled in, which may include multiple components such as the ABS and Monavale courses.

Cancellation Prior to Commencement of Course:

In the event of cancellation, notice must be received in writing

  • In all cases, the Registration Fee is non-refundable
  • A cancellation received more than three (3) months prior to the commencement of the enrolled course will receive a refund of 50% of deposit
  • A cancellation received less than three (3) months prior to the commencement of the enrolled course the deposit will be deemed non-refundable
  • In the event that full fees have been paid and a cancellation is received more than one (1) month prior to the commencement of the enrolled course, a refund of full fees minus deposit will be made
  • In the event that full fees have been paid and a cancellation is received less than one (1) month prior to commencement of the enrolled course, a refund will be provided subject to the Capernwray NZ Director’s discretion, based on the ability to fill the vacated place on the course by another student and actual costs incurred
  • In the unusual circumstance of visa to study is declined, an international student will receive a full refund of any deposit or balance of fees paid

Non-completion of Course:

Once the course has started, Capernwray NZ is under no obligation to reimburse students for fees in the event of withdrawal or dismissal from the course, and will not ordinarily do so. 
However in exceptional circumstances (eg health, family bereavement), Capernwray NZ will at its discretion reimburse a proportion of the fees. This will be to a maximum of one half (50%) of unused proportion of the fees paid, which reflects the variable cost savings (essentially food and utilities) from the largely fixed costs associated with running the school.

Fees Subject to Change:

Please note that fees may be subject to change. If fees are increased, there will be no additional increase if the Registration Fee $75 (NZD) has been received by the Bible School. If fees are decreased, there will be no adjustment or refund of the decreased amount once the Registration Fee $75 (NZD) has been received by the Bible School, subject to the discretion of the Capernwray NZ Director.

Protection of Fees:

On receiving the Application Fee, Deposit and Balance of Fees, all monies are deposited in our ‘Student Trust Fund’, which are separate bank accounts with Westpac Banking Corporation, assigned only to receive School Fees. Money from the student is not drawn from this account until the commencement of the course, and then proportionately on a scheduled periodic basis throughout the duration of the course.

Refund in the Event the Course is not Delivered:

In the event that Capernwray NZ is unable to deliver the course offered, the applicant/student with be contacted within 7 days following sufficient evidence for being unable to offer the course. A full refund of monies paid will be offered and given within 7 days after written notification by the applicant/student requesting a refund. Capernwray NZ will also notify the applicant/student of other colleges delivering a similar course and/or other Capernwray Torchbearer Bible Schools which may accept the student.