Capernwray NZ

BML Overview

BML - Business, Ministry, Leadership: teaching Bible based business principles!


BML began in 2009 with a vision to teach Bible based business principles to leaders in business and ministry.

The idea was to address the paradox in today's society that 'business' and 'ministry' are mutually exclusive.
Some would say that if you want to be PROFESSIONAL there is no room for you in ministry and if you have INTEGRITY there is no room for you in business!
Of course, this is complete nonsense. The bible is packed with examples that show us God's standard for 'work' whatever it is and whoever it's for.

So...Capernwray New Zealand

 developed a 10-week Bible teaching programme that focuses on how to be professional in the things we do (whether work, church, ministry) whilst maintaining our integrity.

General Course Outline:

•  Apologetics and scriptural integrity
•  Business models in scripture
•  Ministry in the workplace 
•  Professionalism in ministry 
•  What the Bible says specifically about:
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Leadership

The BML programme was established to offer Bible-based business training for those wanting to go deeper into God's word and discover how applicable it is for the Christian Life. We want to encourage students to take God seriously and challenge the ideas they have about what is effective business and leadership.

The 10-week BML course is hosted at Capernwray New Zealand in the town of Cambridge.
Our Monavale campus has accommodation available for 64 student beds, arranged in 2 separate accommodation blocks, with each block containing 8 individual student rooms. Each room provides accommodation for between 2 - 4 students (all of same gender) with 2 sets of bunk-beds. Each room has own toilet and shower facilities.

For more information phone +64 7 823 1800 or email