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Summer Breeze Conference '11

Summer Breeze Conference '11

  • $25.50

"The Reality of God in a World of Chaos"

Speaker: Geoff Hopson

Since becoming a Christian at the age of 12, Geoff like Israel, spent 40 years in the wilderness, wandering in some evangelical fog, knowing about God but not knowing His reality. After four years in theological training and seven years in full-time ministry he was on the scrap heap through burnout.

To survive with a wife and a 3-month-old baby, he went into business for 23 years. Towards the end of that time, and working "flat-out" for God as a senior elder in a church that developed from 23 to 300, he audaciously approached a "man from Capernwray USA" to come to their church for a 10 month interim ministry.

Geoff says, "Bob's ministry introduced me to Jesus and He transformed my existence. The fog disappeared. I have never been the same!" Three years later he was invited to be principal of the Australian Capernwray Torchbearers Bible School.

Now retired, Geoff still has a very real connection with Capernwray. He is also an associate of Abiding Live Ministries International, and is a director of, and lives at, Mount Alford Lodge, a magnificent small Christian conference facility in southeast Queensland primarily established to share the wonder of the risen Christ. 

3 x DVD series - total of 6 teaching sessions