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Werner Schreiber

Capernwray New Zealand | Principal and Bible Teacher

Werner Schreiber lives in Cambridge, with wife Heidi and has two adult children - Joshua and Danielle. He is the Principal at Capernwray Bible School and is responsible for the Heading for Him website. Originally from South Africa, the family moved to New Zealand in 2007.  Both educated at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, Werner and Heidi have been married for over 30 years and have travelled widely in Africa, Europe and the United States. Both admit that settling into a new country has been a tremendous challenge but at the same time a catalyst for spiritual growth. Heading for Him is the result of a growing awareness in both Heidi and Werner that mainline churches globally are progressively moving away from their actual purpose which is to present all believers mature in Christ. Instead, the emphasis is on turning the church into a community service club with a peppering of vague Christian vocabulary, devoid of the presence of God, leaving congregants very busy but spiritually bankrupt. The 'Telos' principle has played a big part in both Werner and Heidi's lives as a guiding rule which aligns all Christian activity to having God Himself and nothing else as the goal.


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