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JumpStart Welcome Info


North Island (Capernwray Bible School, Cambridge): Sunday 1 – Friday 6 November 2020

South Island (Hanmer Springs Forest Camp): Sunday 31 January - Friday 5 February 2021


Please plan your arrival at camp to be AFTER 4pm on the respective SUNDAYS.  We will then begin with dinner at 5:30pm.

***Click link for location and directions: 

The official ending time is at 1:30pm on the respective Fridays. We must also ask that you be picked up to leave by 2:00pm as the staff and volunteers will have a clean up/checklist to complete by then.  Your promptness here will help them to be able to complete their responsibilities before the next groups who have hired the camps arrive.  Thank you for your consideration. 


Because JumpStart is a unique environment we have some policies that may be different from some of our Christian cultures.  I want to make sure that the Jumpstarters who come, understand and agree to abide by our standards when they arrive.  Please remember specifically:

Dress Code - We ask that our students exercise modesty in dress and appearance during their time with us.  This means women should wear tops that cover the midriff at all times (shirts should cover your belt), and necklines should not be low.

Moral Code - We do not allow ANY romantic physical affection between males and females.  We ask you to exercise discipline and discretion, wisdom and wholeness, in regards to male-female relationships.

Devices – We understand the value of cell phones for communication with parents if needed, but they need to be left in the bunkroom and are not to be brought out to public areas.

Music - played in public areas is not permitted except for certain occasions determined by the Programme Director


  • A good English Bible (but not a paraphrase), notebook and pen.
  • Warm clothes
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Pillow and Sleeping bag
  • Good shoes


  • Movies or video games
  • Chewing gum
  • Spray deodorant (affects some camp fire detection systems)
  • Too much stuff


Capernwray has a standard Medical form for all events and activities that are under their care and authority, and it has been written so that they are prepared for the worst possible scenario.  We do not anticipate doing anything potentially high-risk or dangerous during JumpStart. This form simply covers all questions including ones intended for our ‘adventure-based programmes’ at one of our other NZ locations (at “The Adventure Lodge” on Lake Karapiro).

***It can be completed online, or downloaded from Capernway’s website where you registered for JumpStart.

It would be best if this could be completed as soon as possible so we can inform the hired Caterers of any food allergies well in advance.


I am humbly asking if each family could consider contributing either some baking or fruit/veg for morning/afternoon teas & supper.  This is not a mandatory call so please do not feel obliged.  If you are willing and able to contribute, we would be most grateful.  Thank you so much, we appreciate your support!


Please note that due to campsite catering, most special diets may incur additional costs that unfortunately must be passed on, or limited options that may need to be supplemented by the individual bringing their own supplies.  For all cases, this needs to be arranged in advance of arrival.

If not already done so, please advise us now if you need a special diet as this must be communicated in advance for the caterers.


If you have not already done so, you will need to secure your registration now.  You have 3 options:

  • Sending in a cheque, made payable to Torchbearer Trust of New Zealand and post to Capernwray Bible School, PO Box 702, Cambridge 3450
  • Making an online payment via our website
  • Direct deposit into our Westpac account

For online payments, please state surname and “Jumpstart” in the reference fields.  The following are our account details:

Account name: Torchbearer Trust of New Zealand

JumpStart Account number: 03 0303 0139800 003

Looking forward to a great week together!!!

Dale Epp

Jumpstart Director


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