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Online Course

Join us for 10 weeks from 27 April to 1 July 2020 for the first ever Capernwray New Zealand online Term! 

This term will be filled with all sorts of goodies to keep you engaged and a feast of great spiritual food. There will be...

  • Teaching from local and international lecturers
  • Kahoots!
  • Weekly staff interviews
  • Devotions
  • Interactive learning
  • Some new and creative assignments
  • Q & A's 

    ...and don't forget laughter and fun. All done with our unique kiwi flavor!

    You need to commit to 2 and a half hours every week day (Mon - Fri) and all sessions will be recorded to accommodate time zone differences or those with varying work & personal commitments. The daily program will contain a variety of elements, so boredom won't even be an issue!

    The course is open to the class of 2020 and to all Alumni (from either Capernwray NZ or other Torchbearer Centres) who would love a little Capernwray 'refresher'.

    The course facilitator is our Principal, Werner Schreiber.

    The cost for the complete 10 week course is $1,500 NZD

    New part-time option if you can't do the whole 10 weeks: $175 NZD / week

    Click this link to see a Demo of the Online Term:  Online Term 2020 Demo

    Lecture Programme

    Week 1 Apr 27 - May 1Peter Bichan - The Book of Philippians
    Week 2May 4 - 8Werner Schreiber - The Book of Ecclesiastes   
    Week 3May 11 - 15Hayden Johns - The Gospel of Luke
    Week 4May 18 - 22Francois Carr - Discipleship
    Week 5May 25 - 29Yaakov Brown - Messianic Jewish Thought and the Feasts of Israel
    Week 6Jun 2 - 5Charles Price - The Book of Acts 
    Week 7Jun 8 - 12Neil Bernard - The life of David
    Week 8Jun 15 - 19Werner Schreiber - The Book of James 
    Week 9Jun 22 - 16Peter Bichan - The Book of Joshua and Leadership
    Week 10Jun 29 - Jul 1James Bruce (Adventure Bible School) - Reflecting and Debriefing our experiences

    Course Registration

    Registrations are open now and you can register anytime!

    Select the desired week/s for part time options.

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    Thanks for your registration. We'll be in touch with details soon.

    Terms and Conditions

    Please ensure you have read all our Terms and Conditions before registering or making a payment.

    • Participants must be either students from the class of 2020, or alumni from previous years
    • Participants are responsible for their own internet connection and a suitable device to access course material
    • The course is self-directed, and while participation in the live sessions is encouraged, it is not compulsary
    • A transcript of the course material covered will be provided at the conclusion of the course
    • Payment must be received in advance of the course start date, or before the particular chosen week/s if part-time
    • Any course payment is non-refundable

    Course Payment

    We are able to accept payment in a number of ways.

    Credit from Prepaid fees

    If you have prepaid fees not already refunded, you can credit the cost of the online couse from the balance. Confirm details with Glenn at

    Bank Transfer

    Bank Account: Torchbearer Trust of NZ, 03-0303-0139800-00

    Email: if wanting to make an international funds transfer.

    Credit Card

    Complete the secure from below for credit card payments. We can only accept Visa and Mastercard. There is a 3% transaction fee for credit card payments.

    Any issues please let us know.


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