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Passover Seder

Date & Time

Thursday, 30 March 5:45 - 8:30 pm


The Passover Seder  Meal connects us to the ancient practice of Passover commanded by God to the people of Israel (Exodus 12:21-51). The modern Seder affords us the opportunity to join in celebrating an unbroken tradition that dates back to the pre-rabbinical period (approx. 100 BCE), a tradition that our Messiah Jesus participated from childhood and one that He used as a figure for His vicarious death and resurrection.

Location and Timing

The Event will be held in the Orangery Dining Room at Monavale

3553 Cambridge Road, RD3 Cambridge 3495

Aim to arrive from 5:45pm, ready for a 6:00pm start


You are invited to join Jewish believer Yaakov (Jacob) Brown as he leads us in a traditional Passover Seder that combines the ancient practice with the historical narrative of Jesus’ Last Supper prior to His death and resurrection.


The cost of the event includes the traditional Passover elements, a full dinner meal, and an interactive informative time with our guest speaker.


Individual: $45

Couple: $80

Family (Couple + 1 child): $115

Family (Couple + 2 children): $150

Event suitable for ages 14yrs+.  (Adult rate from age 17yrs)


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