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Student Life

Time at Capernwray New Zealand

Capernwray New Zealand (CNZ) is a wonderful environment for students to live in an international cross cultural community and a huge part of life. Students find living and studying the bible with practical service a lot of fun at CNZ, plus discovering who they are in Christ a real joy and adventure. Staff and guest lecturers from a wide spread of teachers across NZ and beyond empowers passion, drive and purpose for our students.

The Locations

Note: The main office for our centres and courses in New Zealand is based at Monavale Homestead, near Cambridge.
If you are phoning from overseas, please check for current NZ time before calling. After hours you can leave a message or may be redirected to the on-duty staff.

Monavale Bible School is a wonderful place for students to have in depth studies of books of the Bible while learning to grow with God and each other.

Adventure Lodge is a wonderful place for students to learn about God, adventure, and outdoor skills. 

Service Opportunities

A unique aspect of the ministry programme is both the weekly ministry and the week-long Ministry Week.

Campus Based Outreach

In each second term students help organise and run campus based outreach events called ‘Breakthrough’, or ‘The Tabernacle’.


Leisure Time

"...Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."

(Matthew 4:4)


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