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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Life

What does a typical day look like at Capernwray New Zealand?
The day begins with breakfast in the Orangery and often musical worship or prayer. Lectures are mandatory and take place in the mornings, alongside book discussion groups and sharing testimonies. Meals are also compulsory and enjoyed together with staff and students. Afternoons are typically free for studying, ministry prep or just having fun. Especially in the summer, students love using our pool in this time. After dinner there is usually an activity, whether that be special lectures, guys/girls nights, weekly ministries or an exciting social event.  

Are special diets catered for?  
We endeavour to accommodate special diets as much as possible. However, there are some points to consider when coming to us with a dietary requirement.

  • The same food options may not available in New Zealand as your home country and they can be considerably more expensive here.

  • We do not eat buffet-style, where students can choose from multiple dishes. Specific food is cooked for each meal, so there is only one option. We will provide healthy, substantial meals for a student with dietary requirements, but there may not be the same options or variety. This takes into consideration the cost and preparation time for such meals. 

  • We will only provide for a special diet identified during the application process. Once a student has arrived we are under no obligation to provide separate meals.

  • We may request a medical certificate or letter from your doctor confirming an identified dietary need.

  • We will not be able to provide for a vegan diet. 

  • We can accommodate a nut allergy, but we are not a nut free campus (including peanuts).

ABS: We provide a diet that meets the high energy demands of the course. It is very important that students eat what they are provided to have enough energy to complete the activities, otherwise it can become a health and safety issue. Please contact us if you would like to participate in the ABS programme and have a special diet. We are not able to accommodate for all dietary needs, but will do what we can. Students may be asked to help in preparing meals if modification is necessary to fit their diet. 

What voltage do you have in NZ?
New Zealand's electrical system operates at 240 volts and so many appliances will require a plug adaptor and transformer. These items can be easily purchased in NZ.

Can we access the internet on site?
Monavale: Yes - Wifi is available throughout the campus and accessed by purchasing a wifi coupon from the school office, as internet is relatively expensive in New Zealand. The wifi at Capernwray isn’t particularly fast, so students often opt to purchase a phone plan with data and use personal hotspots. 

ABS: The Adventure Lodge is in a rural location and does not provide internet access. Students will be able to access wifi when at the Monavale campus or on trips to town. 

How can I contact people while in New Zealand?  
Many students purchase phone plans when they arrive, as there are good low-cost options in NZ. We recommend Skinny or Spark, as they have the best reception in our area. You can purchase SIM cards at our local grocery stores or at school, so no stress to get one at the airport. 

Students are required to set up an account on WhatsApp before arriving in NZ, as this is the most common method of online communication at school and a good way to remain in contact with loved ones at home. Other methods of communication using data/wifi are the easiest to keep in touch with people while overseas.

Alternatively, mail can be sent to the addresses below.

  • Standard letters and parcels - student name, Capernwray Bible School, 3553 Cambridge Road, RD3, Cambridge 3495.

ABS: Due to the nature of the programme, there will often be days where students are not able/allowed to access their phones other than in an emergency. This is a refreshing and eye-opening time for students. If you wish, advise friends and family that you will be offline at certain times.

How do I wash my clothes? -
Using the school machines costs $3 per wash or dry, with laundry powder included.

How much money should I bring? 
It is recommended to budget approximately NZ$250-$300 per month for personal needs, laundry, social trips, internet, etc. You will likely find food and personal items cost more than overseas. 

Monavale: Students are required to leave campus during term breaks. It is advised to budget approximately NZ$1000-$2000 for travel, food and accommodation and up to NZ$500 for sightseeing activities per break. However, the cost of this travel varies depending on how many students travel together, means of transport and accommodation.

What are the temperatures like? 
Many people assume NZ is warm all the time but, while it does have a beautiful summer, we experience a wide range of temperatures. During the winter months of June, July and August overnight lows can reach 1-2° C with daytime highs of about 10-13° C. Facilities may be less insulated than students are used to at home, so please being warm clothing, including a jacket.

Summer is temperate, but not tropical. Daytime highs from November to February may reach 30° C, cooling to 12-14° C at night. Be aware that burn time is about 10 minutes, so sunblock is essential in the summer. 

Can we travel during the course?
Monavale: Most weeks students have no scheduled activities from Friday at lunch until church on Sunday. They are permitted to leave campus, as long as a form is filled out prior to departure. It is common for students with vehicles to arrange day trips on Saturdays. However, others use this time to work on their studies. Longer/father trips are usually done during term breaks. 

ABS: Given the nature of the ABS course, there is limited time to travel. There may be some free weekends, though schedules on ABS change frequently due to various factors and time for travel cannot be guaranteed during the course. If you wish to see more of New Zealand, please leave time before or after your term on ABS to do so.

How do I get from Auckland International Airport to the Monavale campus?
The Auckland airport is approximately a 2 hour drive from the Cambridge campus. Students are required to arrange their own transport to Cambridge and many use the Facebook group to organize travel together. One option is to ride the Intercity bus from Auckland to Cambridge. In this case, please inform our office of your arrival time so we can arrange a pickup from the bus stop. Alternatively, students can book a shuttle van with Luxury Airport Shuttles to bring them directly to the Monavale campus.

Can I stay at the campus before school starts?
No - Accommodation is not available at the school prior to the official start date. 

We recommend arriving in New Zealand at least a day before the course starts to get over jet lag. Many students stay in Auckland for sightseeing, then travel to Cambridge the day school begins. It is important to book your accommodation before leaving home as bed availability cannot be guaranteed in hostels/hotels when you arrive. Below are some places students have stayed in the past.



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(Proverbs 8:17)


What should I bring with me to school?
Students are sent a packing list upon acceptance and it can be accessed at the links below. Please refer to these documents for most of your packing needs.

Can I bring my musical instrument?
Yes! - If you play a musical instrument please feel free to bring it along. We would love to share this gift/talent with you at school.

Do I need to bring a laptop?
Yes - Either a laptop or tablet is required to complete coursework. There are no computers designated for student use on campus. Wifi vouchers or personal hotspots can be used with student devices to access the internet. If access to technology is an issue, please contact the office and we will see if there is a possible accommodation. 

Do we need to bring our own sheets etc.?
Sheets, pillows, pillowcases and quilts are provided by the school. You will need to bring your own towels (face-cloths, hand-towel, bath and beach/pool towels). 

ABS: Refer to packing list for requirements.

Do I need work clothes?  
Yes - Students participate in weekly workdays around the property. Please bring clothing that would be suitable for cleaning and working outdoors. 

What do we wear? 
We expect students to dress in a way that is clean, tidy and modest while at Capernwray. Casual clothing is allowed for lectures, but bring at least one set of good clothes for church and special occasions. 

We understand modesty is a complicated topic and cherish the opportunity to help students discover where Jesus fits into their relationship with their appearance. That said, we do have a dress code students must adhere to at Capernwray, to maintain the culture of our school. We see this as a beautiful opportunity to have deep conversations around the topic of modesty. More information will be sent after acceptance around the specifics of our dress code. 

What Bible and other books do I need?
Students must bring a Bible with them, preferred translations being NASV, NKJV, NASB, NIV or ESV. Costs for any other books are included in the student equipment fee and some of these will be yours to take upon leaving. Students must provide their own general stationary.

Medical & Travel Insurance

Do I have to have medical / travel insurance? 
Yes - Travel/medical insurance is compulsory for all students entering New Zealand to study. The New Zealand Ministry of Education has provided minimum requirements for appropriate levels of insurance coverage and these requirements form part of the Ministry’s Code of Practice, which Capernwray has elected to follow.

Who pays if I get sick?
Most international students are not entitled to publicly funded heath services in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the cost of that treatment.

What if I have an accident? 
The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand. However, you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed here. Full details on entitlements to publicly funded heath services are available through the Ministry of Heath.

Which medical insurance should I get?
To ensure students have appropriate insurance coverage we have selected two insurance companies (Orbit Protect and Uni-Care) who offer excellent student plans which comply with the Ministry of Education’s requirements. Check out the companies’ websites below to see which plan would best suit your needs. Keep in mind only some plans cover travel outside of New Zealand to places like Australia. 

Your coverage must commence on the day you begin travelling and we recommend it concludes when you arrive home. We require all students to take out a policy with one of these two companies and we must receive a copy of your insurance certificate before or on arrival at school. If we do not have a copy of your insurance certificate at the time you register on the first day of school, we will require you to immediately take out a policy with either Orbit Protect or Uni-Care.

To get a quote and make application for medical insurance with either of these companies, click on the links below that will take you to their respective websites.

Will my parents travel / medical insurance be OK?
Unfortunately, most parents travel / medical insurance will not be acceptable, but below are the minimum cover requirements that we will accept. The sums insured must be very high so that they will not be exceeded in any possible claim.

• NZ$600,000 for hospitalisation, general practitioners, and prescriptions
• NZ$600,000 for medical rescue/repatriation should you become seriously ill or injured and need to be accompanied home with a medical professional
• NZ$15,000 for funeral expenses and repatriation of the body back home
• NZ$30,000 for accompanying relative cover. If you becomes seriously ill or die, cover is required to support a relative to accompany and support you. This should include the relative's day-to-day accommodation, reasonable living costs and the cost of airfares
• NZ$20,000 to fly you home should a member of your immediate family become critically ill or die
• NZ$20,000 for death or disability benefit
• NZ$1,000,000 for personal liability
• NZ$5,000 Loss or damage to baggage and other personal effects
• NZ$5,000 for travel delay and missed transport connection

In addition, the following requirements must also be met:
• The insurance commences on the day the student begins their travel
• The insurance applies whilst the student is in transit
• The insurance applies 24 hours a day for the total period of travel overseas
• The insurer must provide emergency 24-hour, 7 day per week cover
• Any excess or co-insurance must not exceed NZ$1000
• The broker or agent promoting the policy is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel and medical insurance business
• The insurer (or re-insurer) is a reputable and established company with substantial experience in the travel insurance business. The credit rating must be no lower than BBB from Standard and poors, or B+ from A M Best


How do I pay for things while in NZ?
International credit or debit cards can often be used here, but transaction fees will likely add up. Travel payment cards (e.g. Wise) are useful and convenient. If you choose this option, we recommend getting the card before leaving home. 

How do I get financial support to attend school?
Attending Bible School is a life investment and many students have friends and family who show their support through financial assistance. Students may choose to accept contributions directly from donors or through their local church. If donors wish to contribute anonymously, funds can be forwarded to the school, wherein the accumulated gifts would be given to the student. A tax deductible receipt cannot be provided from Capernwray. 

Contact our Business Manager for options to send gifts internationally.

How do I pay my registration fee?
The quickest method of payment for international applicants is by credit card. You can make a secure online payment at the end of your online application. If sending a written application, you must include credit card details on the application (we accept Visa and Mastercard) or send a bank draft in NZ dollars.

How do I pay my deposit & fees?
There are two methods of payment:

  1. The quickest method from overseas is by credit card. Upon enrolment, students will be emailed a secure link to pay the deposit and fees. We recommend you contact your bank in advance to pre-authorize the transaction and avoid security issues. 

  2. You may also pay by a direct telegraphic (wire) transfer to our bank account. Your bank can assist you or there are lower-cost foreign exchange services. See the Course Payments page for more details.

Note: NZ banks no longer accept cheque deposits.

When do I need pay my deposit/fees?
Deposit: Your place isn’t secure in the course until the deposit is paid, so this should be done as soon as possible after acceptance. You will be sent a link to pay online after being accepted.

Fees: Though we recommend payment much sooner to insure a smooth visa application process, you must pay two months prior to the start of the course.

If I withdraw from the course after starting, can I get a refund?
Once the course has begun, Capernwray NZ is under no obligation to reimburse students for fees in the event of withdrawal or dismissal from the course and will not ordinarily do so. However, in exceptional circumstances (e.g. health issues, family bereavement), Capernwray NZ will at its discretion reimburse a portion of the fees. This will be to a maximum of one half (50%) of unused proportion of the fees paid, which reflects the variable cost savings (essentially food and utilities) from the largely fixed costs associated with running the school.

What if I cancel my registration before the course starts? 
In this case, the following stipulations apply:

  • In the event of cancellation, notice must be received in writing.

  • In all cases, the registration fee is non-refundable.

  • A cancellation received more than three months prior to the commencement of the enrolled course will receive a refund of 50% of deposit.

  • A cancellation received less than three months prior to the commencement of the enrolled course the deposit will be deemed non-refundable.

  • In the event that full fees have been paid and a cancellation is received more than one month prior to the commencement of the enrolled course, a refund of full fees minus deposit will be made.

  • In the event that full fees have been paid and a cancellation is received less than one month prior to commencement of the enrolled course, a refund will be provided subject to the Capernwray NZ Director’s discretion, based on the ability to fill the vacated place on the course by another student and actual costs incurred.

  • In the unusual circumstance that a visa to study is declined, an international student will receive a full refund of any deposit or balance of fees paid.


Do I need a Visa for Bible School?
Yes - Overseas students studying at Capernwray for more than three months require a Student and Trainee Work Visa. Failure to obtain one may result in refusal of entry into New Zealand upon arrival. 

Note: This visa does not permit working while in NZ. If you desire to stay in NZ and work after your time at Capernwray, you must obtain a Working Holiday Visa. 

Do I need a Visa if I am coming on ABS?
Generally you can stay in New Zealand for up to three months as a visitor, but you will need to obtain a NZeTA (NZ Electronic Travel Authority) before travel. Students who stay for ABS plus balance of term (10 weeks) do not need a Student and Trainee Work Visa.

When should I apply for my visa?
The letter needed for your visa application will be sent once you have paid your deposit. It’s best to apply as soon as you have received this document, as the visa process can take some time. Failure to apply for a visa in adequate time may hinder your chance to come to school. Capernwray cannot permit you to study here if you do not have the correct visa. 

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