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Event Registration / Payment

We look forward to having you join us! Please complete the form below to register for an event or camp. 

Note that your registration is not complete until payment is received. Follow the options for payment and email to advise which method you chose to pay so we can track and apply to your registration.

Current Events

See our Events page for details on future events

Breakthrough Pre-Registration

Our Breakthrough event requires pre-registration as we have spaces limited to just 150 participants each night.

Registration needs to be completed by Youth Group leaders.  Individuals must register through a local youth group.  Our team will be in touch and final numbers confirmed 5 days before the Breakthrough event.

Note: Do not pay yet - we will invoice each Youth Group when final numbers are confirmed.

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Registration Sent. Thank you!

Event Registration

Note: Registrations for participants under 18yrs old need to be completed by a parent, caregiver or youth group leader.

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Thank you for your communication and registration in the event / conference.

Event Payment

We are able to accept payment in a number of ways. Please choose an option below, ensuring to add a reference of “Event Name + Surname” when making your payment.

Please ensure you have read all our Terms & Conditions before registering or making a payment. These are understood to have been accepted on registering / making a payment.

Bank Transfer

Bank Account: Torchbearer Trust of NZ, 03-0303-0139800-00


We can no longer accept cheques

Credit Card
Complete the secure from below for credit card payments. We can only accept Visa and Mastercard. There is a 2% transaction fee for credit card payments.

Any issues please let us know.

Credit Card Payment


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