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MBS Course

Monavale Homestead Bible School


The Monavale Bible School programme is designed to guide students towards knowing the indwelling person of the risen Lord Jesus Christ through the careful teaching, study, and application of God's Word, in order to prepare them for joyful Christian living and effective service.

We utilise resident teachers and guest speakers from around the world so that by the end of the course, students should have gained:

  • A good knowledge of the Bible and the application to life
  • An ability in a range of ministry skills.
  • An understanding of the world of missions

The Course

Course Title

"Bible Training and Preparation for Christian Service"

The courses are tertiary level 3 to 4 and designed for students aged 18 years and over. However, provision is made for 17 year old applicants at the Monavale Bible School at the discretion of the course director and with a parent or guardian’s written permission.

The Programme

There is a choice of a 30-week programme running from October to early July.  The two 20-week programme options run from October to April or February to early July.

The ABS course also be taken with the Monavale course in various combinations.

Theoretical / Theological

Bible teaching and practical ministry training component of approximately 15 class hours per week


  • Weekly ministry placement with a local church or ministry
  • Term Ministry experience (9 days/term) with a local church or ministry
  • Times of community prayer, worship, and devotions
  • Weekly assignments
  • A weekly ‘work afternoon’ in & around the property
  • Daily duties and responsibilities
The program is designed to let students interact more closely with teachers and with fellow students in classes. Students are encouraged and challenged in these courses and will be given personal counsel in their studies for practical application. There are weekly and term ministry placements to put into practice skills and theory learnt.

The Location

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Resident teachers and guest speakers from around the world come to teach a curriculum devoted to surveying the Scriptures in order that students may know Christ in His fullness.

The guest speakers are either members of the International Torchbearers staff or are other experienced Christian leaders who draw from a rich personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they share God's Word from a fresh and dynamic perspective.

The curriculum covers individual books of the Bible and some related topical series such as: apologetics, evangelism, missions, world religions, Church history, Bible study methods. Personal study, assignments, parallel reading, and presenting Bible studies are also a significant part of the programme and complement the material presented in the lectures.

We're here to encourage and assist each student...

  • To come to know the risen, indwelling Lord Jesus Christ more personally
  • To understand the written Word and it's revelation of Christ through careful study of the Scriptures
  • To come to understand God's will for your life
  • To develop your God given abilities so that you may become a more effective member of the body of Christ, His Church
  • To discover and prove in everyday experience the reality and relevance of the Christian life as Christ Himself is allowed to work in and through your life
  • To gain a working knowledge of the Word of God so that you are better equipped for daily living and Christian service


A Bible School Certificate is awarded to students fulfilling course requirements. A transcript is also issued upon the completion of the course.

By the end of the course, students should have gained:

A good knowledge of the Bible
This will include general overviews as well as more detailed knowledge of specific books, themes, doctrines and characters. Students should be able to study the Bible effectively for themselves after the course and be able to teach others in small study group situations. They should also be able to demonstrate the relevance of the Bible for today's world cultures and defend its importance in an apologetic sense.

Personal, spiritual formation
This forming of Christian character will be shown in students' response to community living in an international setting. They should be able to offer a stable life-style and a mature understanding of human nature and God's purpose for humanity. They should display respect and a servant attitude to others.

An ability in a range of ministry skills
Students should be able to present a clear personal testimony of their commitment to Christ. They should be able to lead another person to understand how to become a Christian. They should be able to encourage another Christian in their spiritual formation (discipleship). They should be able to participate effectively in a range of ministry programmes (eg. youth work, Sunday school teaching etc.), and be able to understand the purpose of the church and contribute to the life of their church on completion of the course.

An understanding of the world of missions
All students should have a basic knowledge of the Biblical basis of missions and an understanding of some of the issues involved in cross-cultural missions. Students should also have a knowledge of a range of mission organisations.


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As well as the familiar Monavale Bible School course, we also offer two other course types at Capernwray New Zealand - ABS and Kiwi Adventure. The MBS course can also be combined with the ABS course to make a 10-week, 20-week, or 30-week MBS/ABS programme.

"...take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies."

(Ephesians 6:17)


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